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Where can I find minikits on The Batcave level?

Please tell me.I have 4 of the 5 and I can't get the last:PLEASE HELP ME

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Laurileth answered:

Someone else already said where to get 2 of them, so I'll just list the other 3.
One is near the beginning, go down the ladder near the water and use Lex Luthor to zap the 4 little floating things in the water.
Another one is far to the right on a bridge, inside a container.
And the last one is near the end, at the top, tangled with vines. You need Poison Ivy to get that one.
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ussminneapolis answered:

The red brick Minikit Detector is found on that level (The Batcave). It costs 250,000. When it is turned on a ghost shadow of a Minikit will be visible where the Minikit is.
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ussminneapolis answered:

If i remember correctly the red brick for Minikit Detector is in the second area where it is a round shaped area and you have to keep going up. Keep at eye out for three silver or white pieces of rock on the walls. Destroy all 3 for the red brick to appear. Also did you get that Minikit thats right where you start in the first area? (You have to destroy the gold rock that is nearby and build the lever and use the Joker (or Batman Electricty Suit after you get a charge) to open the three tubes and the Minikit is in the middle tube)
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