Question from Knightwinger

How can I unlock Cyborg?

I don't know what to do with those buttons. Is there a certain character I need to use?


Laurileth answered:

You have to press the buttons in a certain order. It took me forever to figure that out. At first I thought you had to somehow press all 4 buttons at once, which seems impossible, because even Flash isn't fast enough for that. I would use Batman (Electric Suit) even though you don't really need any particular character, because if you press the buttons in the wrong order you get electrocuted, and the Electric Suit protects Batman from that. The way I did it was, I started at the upper left button (which didn't automatically turn back to red after a couple seconds, if it turns back to red for you, then you need to start at a different button) and then picked one of the others at random. The upper left button stayed green until I pressed one of the others, which was a wrong one. So i pressed the upper left button again and tried a different button second. If they both stay green, try a third button out of the remaining two. If they turn back red, start over again and try a different combination. When you finally get all 4 buttons to stay green, the Minikit for Cyborg appears in the center.
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flirty_girl_96 answered:

Hit the buttons in this order: top left, bottom right, top right, bottm left. Then a minikit/canister thing will show up and you can collect it thus forth making cyborg able to be buyable. I'm pretty sure this game isn't the kind that'll have something different for every ds, but if it is somehow, then sorry scout. but yeah, try this order. eventually you'll get it. if the button is green and doesnt electrocute you then you're good
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