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How do I get past the team plasma that in the cave past the 8th gym ?

Ok i have beaten the 8th gym leader and im stuck in the that area and not sure where i go after that?

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SuperMorshu answered:

That cave that you can't pass is Giant Chasm. In order to countinue there, go to the Seaside Cave, near Undella Bay and Hialu City (use Surf, and bring a pokemon with Strength) and go talk to Coress, he'll give you his machine to battle a Crustle. Then go past the now un-blocked exit to go to the Plasma Frigate. After that, (which will be after beating Zinzillon and Shadow Triad) you'll be able to go past the blocking path in Giant Chasm. Remember, you'll be able to go to Seaside Cave after you beaten Marlon (8th gym leader).

Good Luck!
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hyjinx17 answered:

You were supposed to surf down the south route from the 8th gym town. GO through the cave and head to the east exit where a crustle will be blocking. Battle it then go outside and back on to the Team Plasma ship
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darkdragon30544 answered:

Head north towards Victory Road, there you will meet that scientist that likes to pop up who unblocked the crustle for you after you beat the third gym leader (sorry I'm drawing a blank on these names).You will know when you are about to meet him when a cut scene where terrolion (don't know how to spell the name) will appear before you. You may have to battle him, but either way he will give you the item he used to energize the crustle. Head south from the gym town and enter the cave along the route. Follow the cave system till you reach an exit blocked by a crustle. Use the item on it, then battle it. Afterwards go through the exit to reach Team Plasma's ship and follow what the cut scenes tell you.
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