Question from OmegamegaX

How do I the solve puzzle in the team plasma ship?

I just don't understand japanese and i need help


Pokemaster728 answered:

If you really need help right away, I suggest looking at walkthroughs on youtube.
Such as this:
Sorry I'm not good at explaining things but this video helped me. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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grandflare answered:

No problem friend, here are the five possible passwords ( they are randomly generated ) :






~breaktube from youtube
~team gun-leo on facebook
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grandflare answered:

sorry, it did not display properly >_<"

Reshiram (&#12524;&#12471;&#12521;&#12512;)
Zekuromu (&#12476;&#12463;&#12525;&#12512;)
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Umudbro answered:

Which puzzle?
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Pallas answered:

It depends on what version you have.I have Pokemon black version 2 and the password was 7077
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