Question from KidGambeezy

How do I get past Mistralton City?

I have beaten Skyla, attempted to visit the next mountain, rung the bell and when i go to the airport it doesnt activate the plane event.
Im not sure what ive missed and ive thoroughly searched the area, im on black 2 btw if that matters

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TheNo1Breeder answered:

I know this. First you must beat the gym leader, Skyla. Then you need to go to the Celestial tower to find the female prof. Then go to the airport and the female professor should be next to Skyla and you can progress.
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hyjinx17 answered:

Did you go into the airport office and talk to the guy at the counter?
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ChaosMew161 answered:

Go into the Airport after beating Skyla and talk to the guy at the counter.
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