Question from Ghamcesar

Where can I find Lucky Egg?

Is there a place where we can find it ? Or any wild which holds it ?

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MattLuka answered:

You can find a Lucky Egg in the Celestial Tower. Don't quote me on this but I do believe that Professor Juniper will give it to you.
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hyjinx17 answered:

Professor Juniper gives you one later in the game. I don't remember when exactly but I'm pretty sure it's around or after the 6th gym
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FaridXZA answered:

@hyjinx17 Dude thats in black and white one not two.You can find a Lucky Egg from wild chansey. Further info is here.
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Adam_Ace answered:

Matt Luka has it spot on. Professor Juniper gives it to you when you first arrive at the Celestial Tower.
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