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Daycare / Breeder?

Where is the breeder located in this game, and if it's the same location as B/W when is the earliest I can breed Pokemon?

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Cornwallace answered:

The day care center (breeding place) is in the same place as Black and White, you need to beat the Elite 4 to be able to head east through Castelia City's junction and over the bridge to get to the day care center.
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stampedefoot answered:

If you need to breed some Pokemon then you must beat the Elite 4 first. The Day Care Couple is located on Route 3, once you beat the Elite 4, head to Castelia City and go right. You will then exit the city and be on Sky Arrow Bridge through Pin Wheel Forest and through Nacrene City. Eventually you will be on Route 3 and the Day Care Couple is located there. Hope this helps !
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