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Asked: 2 years ago

Can a Kyurem from black and white 1 can change form?

So... my boyfriend can't access a computer right now and he wants to know if Kyurem from black and white 1 can change form. Anyone know?

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Woops, I mean a Kyurem from black and white 1 in black and white 2. ._.;

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Um.. will the dna pins work on a kyurem from black and white 1? o.o

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From: Swifto33 2 years ago

Yes, the Kyurem from black and white 1 will be able to fuse with Reshiram/Zekrom. However you can't have both forms at the same time because the DNA splicers (the item that fuses the pokemon) can only work on one kyurem at a time. So if he transfers it, he will either have Zekrom and White Kyurem, or Reshiram and black Kyurem. (You can unfuse them though)

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You need to catch Kyurem in black2/white2 and get the DNA Link Pin (i think thats the right name) after that you can send zekrom form white or reshiram from black to fuse them with kyurem.

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I don't think that you can use the DNA Link Pin with Black/White Kyurem as you can have one form at a time.

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You can use any Kyurem to fuse with any Reshiram or Zekrom.

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Lets get technical
on some part on the game memory save there is a field to store the fused zekrom/reshiram for future defusion
If a kyurem on your game is fused(his fused flag, memory speaking, is selected) it will get if the pokemon on the memory is a reshiram/zekrom then assign the corresponding forme
thats the reason you cannot have to fused kyurems

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No unless you transfer a black or white kyurem to black and white 1 and then take the dna splicers of the black or white kyurem

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Yes. Although you cannot have both forms at once. Screw the technicalities, I've just heard that it isn't possible, but I'm not sure about trading to get them both. It's most likely not possible though.

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You can get both via trading with friends im told.

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