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Help with leftovers?

I just recently found leftovers and I am kind of confused on how it works. Is it a one time use like berries?

Accepted Answer

mnkysprn answered:

No it isn't a one time used. The amount of Hp recovered via leftovers is based on your pokes maximum HP.
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

Equip this item with the Pokemon that you want so than he can recover few HP in battle when taking damage.
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CobCannonz answered:

Every turn, your pokemon that holds it will recover 1/16th of its HP. It doesn't seem like much but it is really good!
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KeyBlade999 answered:

It is a hold item that takes effect at the end of every turn. It will heal up to 6.25% (1/16) of your Pokemon's maximum HP.
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