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Im looking for pokemon to finish seeing everyone in Unova?

Could anyone help me by telling me where I could see a tepig, Emboar, Skitty, and Rufflet? they are the only pokemon I need to see now, maybe I've missed a few trainer battles along the way, thank you.

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Groudon_King answered:

Emboar- Memory Link MIGHT work. If you have a Black or White game where one of your rivals picked Tepig that would help you. If not, then I suggest trading.

Skitty- NOT found in Castelia City Garden, that is White 2. You can get one in the Dream World Forrest area. Or trade for one.

Rufflet- Breed and/or trade. Trade if you know someone that has one or will trade on the GTS Negotiations. Or use the GTS to trade over a Braviary and breed it with Ditto.
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mnkysprn answered:

Trade boards.

Ask in the pawn shops for dex filler request.
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KeyOfIdeals answered:

Emboar-most likely you'll need to trade or use Memory Link.
Skitty-Castelia City Garden (entrance near where you found Team Plasma in the sewers).
Rufflet-cannot be found in Pokemon Black 2. Have to trade (No trainers use Rufflet)

So basically, other than Skitty you'll need to trade.
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pokefan597 answered:

i have a tepig, and emboar if u want the but Ineed some pokemon
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Pkmn_quester answered:

Sadly, unless you CHOSE Tepig in the beginning, you won't see Tepig OR Emboar. Again, Skitty you can SEE or CATCH. In W2, Skitty is in Castelia Park, BUt in B2, you gotta trade dude. Sadly, In W2 Braviary appears on Route 5 on thursdays (Where you see a Mandibuzz). You could have breeded w/ Ditto, but you, again, have to trade. Sorry I couldn't help too much.
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