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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find a fishing rod?

I already beat the game and i am trying to get a dratini but to do so i need to use a fishing rod to get it so does anyone know where to get one?

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From: RoyalShine 2 years ago

Cedric Juniper gives you it at Nuvema town.

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Village bridge, second house you can enter form the right.

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Go to Nuvema Town and go to the Professor's lab. Speak with the guy that's by her table to get the fishing rod.

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At Nuvema town, in Junipers lab,Professer Cedric Juniper (Pofessor Junipers dad) will give you a fishing rod if you talk to him.

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The ONLY fishing rod you'll find is the Super Rod, right after you enter the Hall of Fame for the first time. Go to Nuvema Town (it'll be tough along the way) and talk to Cedric in Juniper's lab.

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