Question from Dylan802

I cant get HM surf?

Ive gone through the walkthroughs and checked. I beat clay, i did the battle tournament, i beat the team plasma boat, what am i missing? every walkthrough i've checked says that once i beat all of those events that when i go up through rt. 6 cheren will stop me by the deerling scientists and give me surf. but he won't. I've already been there before ans i got the deerling they offered... WHY WONT HE SHOW UP AND GIVE ME SURF?? It's seriously driving me crazy and i'd really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on my situation, thank you!

Dylan802 provided additional details:

Yup all the way up through charge stone cave, which i originally went through before defeating clay

Accepted Answer

HumDog answered:

I think you get surf after you beat clay AND enter the world tournament. took me a while before i realized it.
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IvyX answered:

You went all the way past the scientist house after beating Clay and the Tournament?
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

Hmm maybe there is something missing did you beat all the previous gym leaders before Clay?
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