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Is Amanita's Eevee always Male?

In Fennel and Amanita's lab in Castelia City, Amanita gives you a Dream World/Hidden Ability Eevee after you beat the game. I read somewhere that it can only be male as to prevent breeding the hidden ability, and I heard elsewhere that they hadn't tried soft resetting but they assumed it should be able to be male. I've reset about 9 times now and got a male every time, and the nature and IVs have changed so I know it's not predetermined like an egg, and besides telling me the gender rate of 12.5% female, do you know if this Eevee is always male because I really want to breed Dream World Eevees.

Accepted Answer

dark_hole answered:

Amanitas eevee is always male
only way is hidden grotto(and its only via an event)
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

Eevee always has a chance of being a female with a 12.5% chance, so I don't see why this would be any different if so than try the Hidden Grottoes it have a 20% chance (I think) to have an Eevee with it's hidden ability.
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