Question from Chris-Black

Asked: 2 years ago

Which is the % percentage or chance of breeding a shiny pokemon , if my shiny is male ?

Thanks xD

Accepted Answer

From: mitsiguri 2 years ago

Male or female or egg (ditto AND same parents) the chances are always the same. 1 in 8192. If the parents are from different countries then the chances increase(get better) to 1 in 1365.3 With a shining charm[key item] (good luck) the chances raise even higher to 1 in 1024. That's for breeding.

If you are in the wild, it's obviously still 1 in 8192, but acquiring a shining charm[key item] (once again, good luck lol) will raise the chances to 1 in 2370.6.

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Submitted Answers


Same as a non shiny male.

Shiny parents do not effect your shiny chances with the offspring.

Foreign Parents, such as trading for a Japanese or Italian parent, does raise the chances to a 1/1366 chance.

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1 in 8192. That's a 0.0122%. Makes no difference if your pokemon is male or shiny. it just matters if its from a different language like japan.

with a shining charm its 1 in 2,370.6 chance. dont know the %.

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