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How do I get the strange ending in Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder?

I've been following the instructions I've read from various sources about defeating opponents with moves I'm not supposed to (e.g. defeating Weavile with vacuum wave instead of drain punch), but any time I do this I fail to knock out the opponent. Is it possible to do with the rental, and if not, what should I do?

darkhedgehog148 provided additional details:

This is not Brycen-Man Strikes Back or Brycen-Man Strikes Back 2. It is the final film you unlock by completing all the other films.

Accepted Answer

iwanttoeatsmz answered:

Choose the bad choices of line. For moves, just do it normally.

Bring it on!
What was that? --> choose this

As expected!
Whatever! --> choose this
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iwanttoeatsmz answered:

You only need to survive until all the turn limit is used up. There's no bad ending in the movie as I recall.
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