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How do I acess Support Pass Powers?

The page on Serebii says these can be accessed by "passing by" a B/W 1 cartridge. However, I've used the C-Gear with my old Black 1, and haven't gotten anything. Is there something I'm missing?

ClassyOldHat provided additional details:

To clarify, I am not asking about how to use Pass Powers. I am looking for information on how to obtain "Support" Pass Powers, as Serebii calls them. These are like the basic pass powers, except they last from 30 minutes to an hour, rather than 3 minutes.


speedyll answered:

You have to click the middle part of the C-Gear (where the black dots are) and then the upside down triangle at the bottom.
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speedyll answered:

Oh, I think that's an Entralink mission or something from black/white. You have to accept the mission and then find yourself in black/white 2 and give them the power.
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