Question from piemanboss

where do I find Cobalion?

after the first encounter where do you find cobalion and Virizion? i found and caught terrakion with dusk ball after i killed him the first time(wasnt my fault he wouldnt get in the dang pokeball same with the others)

piemanboss provided additional details:

Do you know where virizion is?

piemanboss provided additional details:

I have terrakion (only one that would stay in the pokeball)

Accepted Answer

NinjaStorm96 answered:

You i'll find Virizion in the middle of Route 11 it will come to you and if you also looking for Terrakion it can be found at Route 22.
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Rouge_511 answered:

After meeting him in the way to chargestone cave, he will be in route 13, next to lucanousa town.
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