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Female Combee?

So I'm in Lostlorn Forest and I've been searching for a female Combee for days now but all I end up running into are males. Does anyone know what the appearance rate of a female Combee is?

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sumostickfigure answered:

There's a 10% chance of finding Combees there and Combee has a 1/8 chance of being female. That means you have a 1.25% chance of running into female Combees in Lostlorn Forest.
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Kitazaki_san answered:

Another method you can try is finding wild Vesiquen in the shaking grass in Route 12 or Lostlorn Forest. Since they appear 5% of the time, you have a slightly better chance than hunting for a female Combee (I'm assuming you need a Vesiquen for your national)
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