Question from Zenaty

Ice type?

I'm at the second to last gym's town. Where can I get an ice type to beat the gym easy? Btw it might matter, but, I actually have white version. ( I don't think it does in this case though)

Zenaty provided additional details:

Oh pfft I did mean white 2...

Accepted Answer

Kitazaki_san answered:

I'm going to assume you meant White 2 and not White 1. Anyways, Ice types are going to be very rare to come by (and actually don't do too well against Drayden anyhow since 2 out of 3 of his Pokemons are carrying moves that deal with Ice types). Lapras (found by surfing in Village Bridge, 5% encounter rate) is pretty much the only good option against Drayden. It's bulky, can learn Surf (if needed), and can use electric type moves via TM.
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