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3 Questions in one?

OK ?# 1. where do I find the hm rock smash?
2. where do I evolve lickytung to lickylicky?
3. where do i get the regi keys?

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Explain the thing with the regis.... unsure on how it all works

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Im looking at my map right now and dont see underground ruins

Accepted Answer

Eternal_Wake answered:

You have to catch Regirock in the Underground Ruins located within Twist Mountain ( go through Clay's Tunnel in Driftveil *post-game*). After you have caught Regirock you receive the Iron Chamber Key (Black 2), Ice Chamber Key (White 2). You can receive 2/3 Regis in either game. Black 2: Regirock and Registeel. White 2: Regirock and Regice. You would have to receive the alternate key (depending on your game) from the other version game through Unova Link which can be accessed in the game menu before continuing your saved game file.

P.S. - After having all three Regis in your game, take all three Regis to Twist Mountain in the area where you can receive the daily fossil from the fossil guy and go deeper into that area to find the room where the Ice Stone is (Evolution Area for evolving Eevee into Glaceon) and there will be a cave opening in the back of that room where you can see and capture Regigigas but ONLY if you have all three Regis in your party when you press the action button to interact with Regigigas.
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pokedude900 answered:

1. It's a TM now. You can find it in Virbank Complex by defeating the 3 workers.
2. It evolves when it learns Rollout. Which happens at level 33, or if it got it from breeding or reteaching.
3. You get one key from catching Regirock in the Underground Ruins. To get the other, you need to communicate with the other version through Unova Link after they have caught Regirock.
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pokedude900 answered:

You go to the Underground ruins and solve a puzzle, which will let you battle Regirock. After you catch it, you'll get one of the keys for the other regis. To get the other, you need another DS and the other version of the game that has done the same. Go to Unova Link on the title screen, and you'll be able to exchange keys to get the other regi.
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