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How can I tell when my pokemon is done EV training?

The question says it all.


TranquilSea answered:

Before you beat the Elite 4, the only way of telling is by keeping track of it accurately. After you beat the Elite 4, you can call Bianca using the Xtransceiver (in the key items part of your inventory) and she gives you the option of checking EVs. She'll let you know if you finished EV training, and even what stats were maxed.
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

If you call up Bianca on the Xtransceiver, she will offer you the opportunity to check to see the Happiness of your Pokemon. She will give statements based on how happy they are and will offer tips to improve it. In addition to that, she also provides a function of checking for Effort Values and letting you know if you have filled them.

Source: Serebii
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