Question from sonicravenx

Pokemon Black 2 Nintendo Wi-Fi Club Problems?

Shouldn't i be able to see my friends in the wi-fi club if we are friends via pal pad? my friend from South Carolina doesnt pop up..but my cousin downtown does when i do it.Whats the problem cause i really don't know?


Mugiloko answered:

First, check if you putted the FC correctly and try again.

If not, re-add the FC.

Ask your friend to do the same.
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

Check if the FC is correct in the Pal pad and try again if that didn't work try leaving the WiFi club room and reconnect again.
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firedude424 answered:

Either you or your friend have registered the incorrect friend code. Have your friend delete and re-register you. You do the same. Ensure that you have registered the correct Friend Codes and Trainer Names.
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