Question from wishfulcry

Where can I find moon stones?

Need multiple moon stones for evolution, so was wondering if there is another way of acquiring a moon stone without a dust cloud?


pokedude900 answered:

You can get a lot of them in the Dream Radar. That's the only inexhaustible supply other than dust clouds, though.
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LucarioLegend answered:

If you are looking for Moon Stones then you can find them in the following places : Route 6, Dreamyard, Giant Chasm (With Dowsing Machine), Giant Chasm, Wellspring Cave (Dustcloud), Chargestone Cave (Dustcloud), Mistralton Cave (Dustcloud), Twist Mountain (Dustcloud), Victory Road (Dustcloud), Giant Chasm (Dustcloud), Seaside Cave (Dustcloud), Rebirth Mountain (Dustcloud), Clay Road (Dustcloud), Underground Ruins (Dustcloud), Relic Path (Dustcloud), Castelia Sewers (Dustcloud), N's Castle (Dustcloud) and from external sources such as the Pokemon Dream Radar, the app for the Nintendo 3DS. They cannot be bought in any stores but the Dustclouds can repeatedly spawn them, unfortunately they are not certain to be found here, there are other items that you can find, such as the other evolution stones.
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tidasf10 answered:

I also raised a gothorita to a high lvl . then went to giant ghasm. i had gothorita learn thief and used a pp max on it. gothorita has ability to see what pokemon are holding. you will randomly see the moon pokemon holding moonstone, and sun pokemon holding sun stones.i also saw gothorita holding lucky eggs but it wont let me steal them ;=((.
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Chris_Lv255 answered:

Very rarely Wild Clefairy in the Giant Chasm might be holding one, as might the Lunatones.
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JMISBEST answered:

Whenever I want to get a evolution stone. This is what I do

I buy 50+ max repels, I then go to a cave, use Max Repel straight away. I then keep walking round a easy to access part of the cave, when I see a dust cloud, I run into it

Most of the time you will either fight a Pokemon or get a element gem, but sooner rather then later you will find a evolution stone, eventually you will find the one you want and if you are lucky, you may even find a shiny Pokemon that will make it even better
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