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Can I trade Pokemon from my GBA game to Pokemon Black 2?

I have a few Pokemon from my Pokemon Ruby that I wanna transfer to my NDS Pokemon Black 2 game. Is it possible to and how?

(Sorry if I sound like a moron :P)

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briarstorm answered:

Don't worry, I had that same questions at first. Yes you can, but not directly.

You can only transfer pokemon from one generation before to the next.

Gen III > Gen IV > Gen V

Since Ruby is Gen III, you would need to transfer your pokemon to any Gen IV games (Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver) and then from that game transfer it to your Pokemon Black 2 game. Have in mind you must have completed said Gen IV game before you can import your pokemon from gen III, and that you will need two DSs to transfer from that Gen IV game to the V. Hope it helped!
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NinjaStorm96 answered:

Nope you can't, The only way to transfer them is by magirate the Pokemon to a 4th gen game using the Gamepack slot in ds lite and than transfer them to Black 2 by going to the Poke transfer lab located somewhere in Unova hope this helps.
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