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How do you Catch the Pokemon Dragonite?

I looked at the hidden grottoe where dragonite should be but he wasnt there please tell me where he is.


shadowlord987 answered:

Dragonite is in the hidden grotto on Route 18. He is only there rarely. The way the hidden grottos work, is every 256 steps, there is a 5% chance they will regenerate. The grotto will not regenerate if there is a pokemon there that has not yet been beaten/captured or an item yet to be obtained. The only way you can get Dragonite, is waiting until the hidden grotto regenerates and has Dragonite inside. Really, it just comes down to checking every now and then and seeing if Dragonite is inside. If not, beat/take whatever is in there, and just keep walking.
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PrisonedSilver answered:

If you are playing on White 2 then if you complete the tree hollow Alder's grandson Benga gives you a shiny Dratini dont remember the level.
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zaya6 answered:

Go to then search hidden grotto and it will as you scroll down sooner or later you will find where it says it is.
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vhfan3584 answered:

You can catch them eather by surfing of fishing (can't remember which one) at Dragonsprial Tower. But I traded a Dratini from HeartGold Version using the Poke Transfer Lab.
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zaya6 answered:

You catch him at the hidden grotto in route 18 but you can also catch it by fishing at the dragonspiral tower. Though it is only a 1% chance you can catch a dratini or a dragonair and evolve them.
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JMISBEST answered:

These are all good idea's.

But I think the best way, which is the way that I used, is to trade a team of 6 level 85+ Pokemon from 1 of the generation 4 games, take them into White Tree Hollow and use them to crush Benga and get the shiny Dratini.

Then either level it up on White 2 or find someone who will trade it to your Black 2 or do what I did and get both Pokemon White 2 and Black 2, get Shiny Dratini off Benga, evolve it to Dragonite, trade to Black 2 breed a Dratini, then trade Dragonite back, I did that to get Zoroak on all 4 Pokemon Generation 5 Games
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waterdeepchu answered:

They can appear rarely in the Rippling Water phenomena around Dragonspiral Tower. You have to Fish for them. They have a 1% chance to appear. Using Lucky Power +++ when fishing will get you a good number of them.

The best way to do it is with a good supply of Max Repel, and using Exploring Power +++/S and Lucky Power +++/S. They are not easy to catch, and will be between level 50 and 70. Extremely dangerous.
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Kamipon06 answered:

Use Master Ball
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