Question from empressdee

Asked: 2 years ago

Hidden Grottoes?

Could someone tell me the locations (route numbers) where the hidden grottoes are found?

I cannot clearly point them out in the two walkthroughs I've read.

Additional details - 2 years ago

No referring me to another site.

Accepted Answer

From: NinjaStorm96 2 years ago

They are located on :
1- Route 2
2- Route 3
3- Route 5
4- Route 6
5- Route 7
6- Route 9
7- Route 13
8- Route 18
9- Route 22
10- Route 23
11- Floccesy Ranch
12- Pinwheel Forest
13- Lostlorn Forest
14-Giant Chasm
15- Abundant Shrine

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You're welcome

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