Question from zaya6

How do you evolve feebas?

To get a milotic.

zaya6 provided additional details:

Whre do I get the prism scale?

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OniIchimaru answered:

At Undella town talk to the man along the western wall of the pokemon center to get a prism scale. To get it at route 18 go south from route 17 using the dowsing machine.
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OniIchimaru answered:

You have it hold a prism scale and then trade it, it will evolve, however I wouldn't trade it with someone on wifi as they might not trade it back.
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OniIchimaru answered:

Route 1, and Undella town, with the dowsing machine you can also get one at route 18.
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itachikage answered:

If you just need a milotic, You can super rod in the surfing spots on route 1. otherwise, trading is your best bet.
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