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Where can i find heatran ?

Can I get him in the game ?

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zaya6 answered:

To get Heatran from first going to route 18. Go up to the bluffs where there is going to be a small field. The pokeball that is there is the Magma Stone which will go into the Key items section. Than go to Letimas City (sorry for spelling) and then go through the entrance of Reversal Mountain. Once your in, there will be to ways to go. Go down. Then keep traveling until you see a doctor. Don't battle the doctor YET. Right next to him will be a staircase. Go down the staircase. Down there it will be empty. Keep walking forward. When you are in the exact spot you will stop. Your screen will say something about the Magma Stone. Then say yes. Your Magma Stone will rise and then Heatran will appear. SAVE FIRST. Then you can encounter Heatran. Whether you caught it or defeated it go back up to the doctor. Battle him. Then he will heal your pokemon. Good Luck.
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Somj20 answered:

Obtaining Heatran:

First, obtain the Magma Stone from the bluffs on Route 18.
Next take it to Reversal Mountain, near the middle of the bottom level Heatran will appear at lvl 68.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

Heatran can appear in Reversal Mountain. You must first get the Magma Stone from Route 18, first, which can only be accessed after the Elite Four. Go towards the bottom level to find it - find an FAQ for more specific info.

You can also trade it in from other Black/White games, or PokeTransfer it in. Heatran can be naturally caught not just in Black 2/White 2, but also Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Versions.
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