Question from Albo333

Asked: 2 years ago

Can I trade Pokemon from Diamond to Black 2?

I was trying to trade some Pokemon from Diamond to my new Black 2. Having trouble and was wondering if it is even possible.

Accepted Answer

From: pokedude900 2 years ago

You can't do a normal trade. After beating the Elite 4, you'll have access to a building on route 15 that lets you transfer pokemon from your 4th gen games through a mini-game.

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Submitted Answers


You need to use PokeTransfer, but as pokedude said you need to beat the E4 first. As an alternative, you can trasfer a Pokemon from Gen IV to a post-Elite 4 save file and then just do a normal trade between Gen V games. Of course you will need at least two NDS to do this.

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