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how do I start over in challenge mode? 0
Pokemon stats after using AR codes for EVs. Not what they should be? 0
RNG help on frames? 0
What so special about shiny pokemon? *new* 0
Why won't kyerum show in the cave of beings? 0
(create your own question) Liligant or Sawsbuck? 1
About Breeding Pokemon? 2
About my use of one pokemon? 1
About the results of breeeding pokemon? 1
Advice for my team? 4
Any ideas for my future black2 team? 1
Anyone have a *legit* MELOETTTE for trade? 3
Anyone want to trade pokemon black 2? 5
AR breeding? 1
Black or White ? 3
Blitzle? 3
Breeding Pichu?? 4
Can anyone trade legendaries from kanto, johto, hoen,and sinnoh will trade for them ? 4
can I battle other people through wi-fi if I dont have thier friend codes or they dont have my friend code? 3
Can i find a legendary pokemon in the abyssal ruins? 1
Can i revert the Kami trio back once i go to the Abundant shrine with them in ther new forms? 1
Can I still transfer my pokemon to pokemon bank? 1
Can my team bypass the vgc pokemon legal checks? 2
Can someone breed and trade me these Pokemon? 5
Can someone help me with trading? 2
Can someone name a water type pokemon? 8
Can someone please trade me a manaphy ? 2
Can someone please trade me an Imposter Ditto? 1
Can someone trade me a snorunt please? 1
Can someone trade me a zekrom plz ? 1
Can someone trade me treecko please? 2
Can Support Pass Powers be used in B/W2? 2
Can you "Catch em all"? 2
Can you change who the un-named trainer is through Memory Link from one persons name to another? 2
Can you throw away TMs? 1
Can't Use Flash in Mistralton Cave? 1
Challenge mode elite four? 1
Chinchou with soak (dunno why GameFAQs keeps deleting this, third time posting)? 3
Collapsed tunnel on Route 9? 1
Do people actively trade on this as I got it today as I enjoyed pokemon. X a lot ? 1
Do you think I should get Black 2 if I am already planning on getting Omega Ruby? 1
Do you think my team is good? 2
Does any body have a meloetta for trade?!? 1
Does anyone have kadabra? 4
Does cheating in this way break your game? 1
Entralink Bridges? 1
EV Training help? 1
Evolve legal poke with an hack item? 2
Favorite Legendary Or Common Pokemon? 1
Favorite Legendary Or Common Pokemon? 1
Friend codes? 1
Getting the Reveal Glass? 5
Good OU physical wall? 2
Good psychic type? 6
Have any Pokemon been removed from the dream world Pleasant Forest? 2
Help and rate my team? 2
Help me get these pokemon? 2
Help with breeding a tympole? 1
Hidden Ability not passing on? 2
How can I send key links on pokemon black 2? 6
How can unlock other movies on pokewood? 3
How do I find my secret id? Also, any way of trading besides Pokebank? 1
How do I find out my Pokemon's happiness? 2
How do i get more visitors to come to join avenue? I never find any more visitors. 1
How do i transfer the save files from this site from pc to my black 2 game that i am playing? 1
How do you Catch the Pokemon Dragonite? 8
How do you delete the old data? 2
How do you recruit new assistants for Join Avenue? 3
How is this game? 1
How many boxes in the PC can you have in this game? 2
How to edit Pokemon color and background? 1
How to transfer soulsilver pokemon to new generation? 1
I am looking for the area 6 gate trainer in the black tower? 3
I can't rebattle Colress? 4
I cant call yancy again?! 1
I cant find my shiny gible in my boxes. What do I do? 3
I need a place for leveling up? 1
I need help. How can I train the speed and attack stats for my flygon and garchomp? evs plz 1
if I evolve onix into steelix early will it gain anything stat wise ( more attack/ lvl ) Then it does as onix? 3
If I have White, should I get this one of White 2 or Black 2? 1
Is it really impossible to get the 30 people funfest medal? 3
Is rarebcandy make your pokemon weaker? 1
Is there a cheat that helps beat the rental masters or edits rental masters pokemon? 1
Is there a cloning code that works for the US? 1
Is this a good future team? 3
Is this a good team? 5
Is this a good team? I have tried to cover weaknesses. 4
Is this game is worth it? 2
Join Avenue More than 10 shops? 2
Join Avenue: Nurse Jess at Rank 10 not changing between shops? 2
Kyurem help? Without Master Ball? 4
Liberty Garden? 1
Little question? 1
Multiple cards dream world--can both be tucked in at same time? 1
My pokemon arent allowed to fight in the random battle Why? 4
Online battle? 4
Opinions on a team with as much type spread and powerful? 1
Other Action Replay? 5
Passing down IV with power anklet doesnt work? 1
Please explain IV's? 1
Pokemon coop? 2
Rate my team ? 3
Rate my team plssssss? 4
Rate this team competitive battling-wise? 2
Shiny Eevee By SR? 1
Snorlax Egg?? 2
Sould i buy this game? 3
Super Repel bug? 1
Third Starter? 5
Trading between a DS and a 3DS? 2
Trading from HG\SS to B2\W2? 1
Trainer with pikachu? 1
Tutor that teaches Ancient Power? 2
Victini AR code? 2
Walk through walls? 1
What counts as a "Step"? 2
What do Entralink Levels past 100 get you? 1
What do I lose if I sync my game to a different DS? 3
What happens after.....? 2
What is pokerus? 4
What is the best setup champion tournament for triple battle? 1
What is this? 3
What level does zoroark learn dark pulse? 5
What's the different ?? 1
When does lucario learn aura sphere? 3
Where can i find a water stone? 1
Where can I find red shards? 1
Where can i get Black Kyurem in Pkmn Black 2???(I killed it when it was under ghetskis' control) 3
Where do you find certain people after you beat the elite four? 1
Where is can I level up fast? 1
Where is random matchup on pokemon black/white2?!? 1
Where is the best place for leveling up? 1
Where is the EXP share? 1
Why can't I use PokeGen anymore? 1
Why won't any of the legendary pokemon's moves can't be replaced? 1
Will somebody trade me a ditto with 3 IVs? 2
Will this game have a migrate feature? 3
Willing to trade a Shiny Eevee? 2
Would anyone have a Pikachu for trade? 3

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