Question from kevinwi96

What should I do after beating the last gym??

I don't know how to go to the elite four


Rouge_511 answered:

It's not the elite 4; It's team plasma ship destroying time!(that's all I know).
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Animelover_gal answered:

After beating the last gym, I suggest to train more until your Pokemon are stronger than the Pokemon owned by the E4 and then challenge them
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Zorua0 answered:

Go to the seaside cave and use the corless device on the big stone(which is a crustle) that blocks the exit to the left, you need surf
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Mulpuppy answered:

Navigate through seaside cave until you find the crustle. Then, use the Colress Machine on it to get it to move away. Head out through the exit it was blocking and defeat Team Plasma there.
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