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Where can I find a sun stone?

Want to know if i can get a sun stone to evolve sunkern?

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toki_suzukiko answered:

If you play the AR Pokemon Dream Radar, it is a pretty often prize in the gold cloud. I've already gotten 3
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PikabooPikachu answered:

You can find sun stones in BW2, in game, at these locations: Pinwheel Forest (on the floor), Relic Castle (found in the room north of Volcarona's room. Its hidden, so youll have to use your Itemfinder to find it), Nimbasa City (The man in the building north of the Pokemon center will give it to as a gift), and Giant Chasm (on the floor somewhere). Also, if you chose Black 2, you can get a sun stone for 10000 pokedollars.
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