Question from zekrom4life

Asked: 2 years ago

Which game is better? White 2 or Black 2

I see many people play black 2 and less play white 2, so i'm deciding which game i want to get. I want to get white 2 but now i'm not so sure because many more people play black 2 and say its better. So which game is better? White 2 or Black 2?

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From: simplesan 2 years ago

I own both but I play my white 2 more. In truth It really only depends on what pokemon legendary you like more. This is only my personal opinion though.

Here's another question to ask yourself. Do you want to be part of the minority, or the majority?

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Just pick the legendary that you like in my opinion i'll go with Black Kyurem.

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I think it should depend on which version you got before, If you got White1 first, get White2, If you get Black1 first, get Black 2. It helps you relate to the storyline more. :)

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