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How to get Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus out of Therian Forme?

I captured Tornadus from my Pokemon Dream Radar and transferred him to this game, but I want to know how to get him into his origin forme. All the sites say the Reveal Glass is what turns them into this form, so I tried taking it from him, but he isn't holding any items. Is there any way to get him into his origin forme?

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MrMadMoxxi answered:

The item is called "Reveal Glass", and to get it you have to have a Therian Form Landorus. It is gifted to you by a NPC in the Abundant Shrine.
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cimarronboy answered:

I believe there;s an item related to the three that changes them back and forth between formes. It's like a magnyfyibg glass, check the forme changes page on
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