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How do I get to Marine Tube?

OK, I've got all 8 badges but this friend of mine,has beaten Drayden but the Janitor still won't let him through.I don't remember what I did so how can he unlock Marine tube (Undella-Humilau tunnel)?

Andreas_o_magas provided additional details:

He's already defeated th Shadow Triad or so he says.


Kitazaki_san answered:

You have to chase down and beat the Shadow Triad that appear after you beat Drayden
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charizoard12 answered:

After you beat drayden and hear the story about reshiram and zekrom team plasma freezes opelucid city and you have to defeat a bunch of grunts and go to the gym and defeat zinzolin who steals the dna splicers and then find one of the shadow triad and defeat him .
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PokemonWhite2 answered:

adding on to charizord12 you beat that part then go to Undella town then near Catlin's villa is the marine tube go to that then it should get you to Humallu city
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PokemonKing4 answered:

You defeat Drayden,find the Shadow Triad and the fly or walk to Undella Town then your rival whatever you name him will call you and then you will be able to go to Humilau City going through the Marine Tube
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mutigerfan1 answered:

Thats weird. I was able to get after beating marlon.
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