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How Do u get that Zoroark on Victory Road?

How Do u get that Zoroark on Victory Road?

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@Kitazaki_san then why would they put him there if u cant get there?

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But i have beat the champion

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NVM this question

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Kitazaki_san answered:

You can't. It serves as a block that pervents you from entering N's Castle before you beat the game.
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Kitazaki_san answered:

The reason they put Zoroark there was so you don't fight N before you beat the game.
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toshiba187 answered:

The closest thing you can get to a Zoroark is getting Zorua at Driftveil city. Behind the pokemon center theres some stairs on the left, go up those stairs and go to the building on the far right.
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Zorua0 answered:

You go to the elite 4 then from there go down to victory road, you go to the first cave you see then come out the other end and go down 'til you reach the small stairs, go down 2 of them then there sould be 2 choices (left & right) take the right one and go into the cave,go down all the stairs in the cave and get out, turn right and there sould be another cave were zoroark is and he will let you thougth if you beat the champion.
P.S. i have not beat the champion so i'm not sure if zoroark will be there or not.
Hope this helps...
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witherwingz answered:

yeah the only reason they put him outside the cave is to prevent you from defeating N before you beating the elite 4.. you can't catch it.. but you probably already had zorua in your team right now.. XD
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