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How do you find N's castle?

i just beat the game and am trying to find N's castle so i can get reshiram and kyurem.

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Oh and i forgot to say that i dont know where zoroark is to take me there is.

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Kitazaki_san answered:

Once you beat the game, head over to the Zoroark on Victory Road (You should be able to see it without entering any caves if you enter from the Pokemon League entrance). Follow it and it will lead you to the Castle. Once you go in, N will lead you to the throne room to battle you with his Reshiram. After you beat it, N will give you the White Stone, which will allow you to fight and capture Reshiram on Dragon Spiral. After you catch Reshiram, Kyurem should return to the Giant Chasm so you can fight it and capture it. Both are at level 70.
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mutigerfan1 answered:

Well, i can't help you with Reshiram or Kyurem, but Zoroark im 67% sure you can only get him by special event or online trading.
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gard2012 answered:

Wrong, you can get a zoroa from the ex plasma Rood or your rivals sister gives you a hint, once you beat the elite four. Rood can be found on the hill above the gym in Driftveil City.
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gard2012 answered:

I don't know about Reshiram or Kyurem either
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PokemonKing4 answered:

Reshiram will be at N's Castle where you will battle him and he will give you the White Stone and then go to Dragonspiral Tower,capture Reshiram there and N will show up and tells you where Kyurem is at.
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