Question from gard2012

Where can I find Azelf?

I already went to the Cave of Being, and found Professor Juniper and saw the Three legendary pokemon split from the scene. I have found Mespirit (Celestial tower top) and Uxie (In Front of Lenora's Museum).

Accepted Answer

NinjaStorm96 answered:

visit the Cave of Being, located within Route 20 it can be found in the left hand side of Route 23. You need to stand on a particular spot in order for it to appear.
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mutigerfan1 answered:

I think you get Azelf from Bowser.
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74kun answered:

it's easier from victory road, go to the route 23. After climb down the stairs, go to left and there will be a tree thet can be cutdown. then you will meet a tree again, go down and there will be a big rock, go to there
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