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Asked: 2 years ago

What up with Twist Mountain?

I have 6 gym badges, but, Marshall will not let me in Twist Mountain, and Marvelous Bridge elevator is closed. Clay Tunnel is under construction as well. Where am i to go?!

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It helps. Does anyone know where the seventh gym leader is?

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You must go to the airport building in Mistralton City. It is located on the edge of the runway on your way to the gym. In there you will see the Professor and they will chat, eventually you will get on a plane and are taken to Lentimas Town. Hope this helps :D Sorry if my directions aren't that good.

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He is located in Opelucid City :)

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Drayden is the 7th gym leader and he is in his gym in Opelucid City. To gain access to Twist Mountain and Clay Tunnel you would need to have defeated the Elite 4 and the Champion at least once and then they will both become accessable to you.

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