Question from cimarronboy

How many floors are in the white tree hollow or black city skyscraper?

finally got in and beat level five. in the white tree hollow Just wondering how many more floors I have to conquer total in each area.


mordsithdee answered:

There are 11 levels, but some levels have multiple floors. At the 10th level is when you meet the flame hair kid again and fight him.
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PokemonKing4 answered:

There are 11 areas but around a few areas,you will meet Benga,Alder's grandchild
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Eternal_Wake answered:

There are actually 10 Levels, however, once you reach level 6 and up there will be levels that have multiple floors. Don't confuse the "Levels" with "Floors". in order to reach Benga (Alder's grandson) you would need to have to defeat Alder himself after you become the champion. After you defeat Alder then Benga will rush in telling Alder of how he made it to the top of Black Tower/White Tree Hollow which indicates that he is the TOP BOSS in that facility. So after you defeat Benga on Level 10 you would have completed the facility and you can claim your prize of a RARE, SHINY Pokemon depending on your game version. For Pokemon Black 2 it's a shiny Gible. White 2 is a shiny Dratini. You cannot catch either one of these Pokemon nor there evolutions in either games so this is a RARE and worthwhile opportunity to get these Pokemon. After you defeat Benga in your respective version facility you'll be able to receive your shiny Pokemon back at Alder's house in Floccesy Town.
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Mulpuppy answered:

There are 10 levels, but levels past level 5 have multiple floors.
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JMISBEST answered:

There are 10 of them.

Each is more difficult then the last and the boss of the last level uses Pokemon whose levels are in the early 80's.

You can not use healing items on your Pokemon and not only is there only 1 nurse per floor. But you can only use her once.

But the good thing is that not only do you get a shiny dratini for completing The White Tree Hollow. But it is also a great place for levelling up Pokemon who you get at fairly low levels, but who evolve at high levels.

A good example of these are the following Pokemon I traded from White to White 2. Axew all the way to Haxorous, Denio all the way to Hydregion, Dratini to Dragonite and Larvitar all the way to Tyranitar.

Hope that helps.
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Mulpuppy answered:

There are ten levels, but levels 6 through 10 are on multiple floors.
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wolf1235654 answered:

There are 10 levels and you want to beat Alder's grandson to get a cool Pokemon
6 through 10 have floors
What dragon Pokemon you get depends on the game
bring your best team because he has level 80's
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