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Asked: 2 years ago

Can you catch darkrai in pokemon white 2?

If you can what do i need

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From: Kitazaki_san 2 years ago

Darkrai is not catchable in this game (or this Generation, for that matter). The only way to get one is to trade for it right now, unless GameFreak decides to release another Darkrai giveaway, which is very unlikely now. There are 15 legendaries for you to catch in-game, though.

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Darkrai isn't available to catch in-game however Cresselia is.

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Seems strange that you can get Cresselia, but not Darkrai. If you were lucky enough to get it from the Mystery Gift last year in White or black, you could trade it to the newer games or migrate it from Diamond/pearl/Platinum/SS/HG

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No, Darkrai is not in-game, but there will most likely be a Mystery Gift even held in the future, hopefully.

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