Question from honnosoyto

How do I solve regirock and regice puzzle to get them?

I don't understand what they ask me to do to get regirock and regice.


Kitazaki_san answered:

Move 6 steps down from the centerpiece (the middle of the giant circle) and then move 9 steps right. That should take you to the Regi Chamber instead of the empty ruins.
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74kun answered:

You must reach Regi Chamber from Claycave and then there will be a circle pattern in front of the gate. Go to the center of the circle and move 6 steps down and then move 9 steps right, then direct your char to look down and press A
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Mulpuppy answered:

Follow the 2 hints (one obtainable in the day, one at night):

Start at the center of the eye-shape.

Move 9 steps right.

Move 6 steps down.

Face south (appearing to look downward)

Press A.
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