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Should i buy this game?

I love the Pokemon games but i regretted buying Pokemon white (i don't have the right WiFi so it pretty much sucked without it) Please answer some of my questions if u can
Is the game better then the first ones?
Can i trade Pokemon from white 1 to black 2?
Is it worth my money?
If u have the game can u tell me about it (spoilers welcome!) Which Pokemon version black 2 or white 2 is better and what makes it different from version black and white 1?
If my WiFi doesn't work with this game is it a waste of my money and time?
Please tell me as much as u can Thanks guys! :)

gamergirl5117 provided additional details:

One more question how is this game and black version 2 different is it like the last games with black city and the white forest or are there new special areas?


Sadet1991 answered:

Its worth buying
1. u start in a new town
2. there are 2 new gym leaders and the old ones gym's got a make over
3. the game takes place 2 years after the events of the first one
4. pokemon from the other regons can have migrated so u can catch them now
5. the a lot of the legendarys have a 2nd form
6. the first gymleader is hard if u dont know what your doing
7. Im not 100% sure if u can or not but i heared u can trade pokemon from black/white and black2/white2 betwin each other
8. new champion
9. new side stuff
10. u can face the champion of D/P/PT after u beat the game
11. Pokemon World Tournament ships where u can face the past gym leaders of other regons (beat 5 times u unlock the Chipion battles in the PWT
and more stuff that i probaly dont know
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pokemasterAang answered:

Oh Yeah!! Its totally worth every penny!

Its better that the other games because:
Much better music,
little charactor animations,
some legendarys have 2nd form example: Kyurem, Tornadus Trio
Its not a waste of money if you don't have WiFi (I don't have either!)
Please get it! Join in on the FUN!
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chloe108 answered:

In my opinion pokemon white was slow and it didnt keep my attention, but pokemon white 2 on the other hand was for some reason was much more exiting in so many ways. Theres alot more to explore, the music isnt the same old tune in each gym, and there are more features that allow you to take a break from your journey so you dont have to do nothing but battling the whole time.
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chloe108 answered:

To awnser your second question here are the differences:

1.there are a couple differences in the Pokemon such as you can find latios, registeel and black kyurem in black 2 and latias, regice and white kyurem in white 2.

2.Places such as route 4 and opelucid city have certain differences in scenery. Also white forest and black city have new features.

For more info go to:
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