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Asked: 2 years ago

What are the answers to the quiz the miner asks you in Twist Mountain?

There is a miner in Twist Mountain(one of the bottom caverns) that gives you a quiz for some item. What are the answers to this quiz?

Accepted Answer

From: Abood848 1 year ago

turns out you can only answer one question a day, not all at once. Resetting does work to get the correct answer for each question but you still must wait a day for the next question. Here are all the questions and answers:

Which place is famous for an old rusty crane truck?
Virbank City

The trucks that run on Route 4 come in three different colors: red, blue, and...what?

Which question is this?
Third question

Which Gym has a yellow drill car?
Driftveil City

How many bulldozers are there in Twist Mountain?

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Your best bet is to use Google to find the answers to his questions if you want the Heavy Machinery Pro medal.

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Just save before you talk to him and reset if you get it wrong.

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If you're talking about the Heavy Machinery Pro, he'll only ask you one question a day. You have to answer 5 correctly to get the medal. All I have so far is the first answer:
1. Which place is famous for an old rusty crane truck?
A. Virbank

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