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Asked: 2 years ago

What are the differences between pokemon black version 2 and pokemon white version 2?

I'm trying to decide on which game to get. I would like to know what the differences between each game are. Please don't give any story related spoilers. I mostly want to know which pokemon are specific to each version, but I would also like to know what the other differences are. I've also asked this in the pokemon black version 2 Q&A area. I don`t have the first version of either game. Thanks in advance.

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From: Kitazaki_san 2 years ago

Aside from version exclusives (which can be found by searching through the Serebii site), a few items and Keys can only be found on certain versions, among other things. For more info, see the following links:

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This is all I remember reading on random websites before the game came out (Alot of endless researches)

The differences I remember clearly are:

- Swarm Pokemon (few can only be caught in White 2 and Black 2)

- After beating Benga in Black 2 your gonna be rewarded with a Shiny Gible and White 2 you will be rewarded Shiny Dratini (Area 10)

- Keys: Tower Key (Black 2) and Treehollow Key (White 2) which you can send to friends to unlock Easy and Hard mode

- White Forest is in White 2

- Black City is in Black 2

- Route 4 looks different (Black 2 = normal looking street) (White 2 = construction on the road with sandstorm with building based on ruins)

- Opelucid City has changed (White 2 looks the same like in White)

- East Unova has a cave connecting Lentimas Town with Undella Town with differences in Black 2 (Water filled cave) and White 2 (Magma filled cave)

- Mistralton City in Black 2 (alongside the airfield there are numerous greenhouses) and White 2 has plants growing

- Plasma Frigate has changes depending on the version (forgot what)

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