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Can a Ds with the game be played in another Ds with no game? 0
Could you tell me a good team for the champions pwt? 0
How do i trade pokemon from emulator to ds via infrared? 0
How to find PID of my shiny pokemon without AR/Pokecheck? 0
I have not a question but a statement? 0
Is there an AR code for event genesect? 0
Is this a good moveset for origin giratina? 0
Need traded Pokemon but Nintendo WFC is discontinued, anyone willing to trade? 0
pokesav AR - white 2 PLEASE HELP!!!???? 0
RNG help on frames? 0
Trade me an oshawott? 0
Action Replay Codes? 2
Action Replay Help? 1
Anybody know if there is a place i can find a wild ryhorn? 2
AR Code - Change Type? 2
Are Pokemon Contests in game? 1
Are the following obtineable before the first time through the league? 3
Can a pokemon cloned by Action Replay still be transferred to Poke Transporter? 2
Can anyone help me with a .sav file? 1
Can I connect friends from overseas with the Friend Roster? 1
Can I get ALL the pokemons from other generation in White 2? 4
Can someone trade me Shinx? 1
Can you use Memory Link for different files? 1
Does anybody wanna trade me a legitimate pokemon white regice level 75 or higher ? 4
Does rare candy make pokemon weak even after i gave all protiens and stuff? 1
EV help? #2 2
Fight White/Black Kyurem on White/Black I? 1
Friend code? 1
Hatching a hidden ability pokemon? 3
Hidden ability pokemon without the dream world, or grottos? 1
How do i evolve my growlithe? 8
How do I get an Emboar with the ability Reckless? 2
How do i get the regis? 2
How do you get rotom? 1
How do you RNG abuse a hidden grotto Pokemon to have perfect IVs? 1
How do you use the voice chat in a wifi battle with a friend? 1
How's my team? 2
I can't see my friend when i am in entralink? 1
I decided to start a new game in pokemon white 2 in challenge mode? (help getting pokemon) 2
I need a dragon type pokemon? 2
I want to change my team up a little bit can you guys help me? 1
I was wondering if anyone was willing to rate my team? 1
If I have White, should I get this one of White 2 or Black 2? 2
In the pokestar studios how do get past the invaders part 3? 1
Is there a Code for Catching random Pokemon? 1
is there an Action replay code for pokemon to follow you in pokemon white 2? 1
Is there any way to make it so you only get one specific gender when catching Pokemon? 4
Is this game is worth it? 2
Keledo? 3
Kyurem white forme vs Kyurem black forme? 1
Memory Link...? 1
Need a last pokemon HELP PLEASE!!? 4
Need dreamworld pkmn and other please help? 1
Pictures? 2
Pokemon not hatching with hidden abilities? 1
Pokemon white 2 Team help Suggestions please? 1
Pokemon White 2 training the shiny dratini? 1
Previous trainer? 7
Rate please? 2
Should i buy this game? 4
Should I use this Treecko? 1
What do you think of my pokemon white 2 team? Any oppinions? 12
What does white2 give me? 5
What functions the Xtransceiver I had find at Nimbasa City? 1
What Happened to the PC Boxes? 1
What is the point of the bell on top of Celestial Tower? 2
What up with Twist Mountain? 3
What's your opinion? 1
Where are some good Ground type pokemon? 7
Where do you find gulpin in pokemon White 2 early game? 1
Wonder Trade? PLEASE HELP ME 1
Would anyone care to rate? 1

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