FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

FAQ Table of Contents:

FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
    1. Controls
    2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
  3. Main Walkthrough
    1. Preparing For Your Adventure
    2. Aspertia City
    3. Route 19
    4. Floccesy Town
    5. Route 20
    6. Floccesy Ranch
    7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
    8. Aspertia City Gym
    9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
    10. Virbank City
    11. Virbank Complex
    12. Virbank City Gym
    13. PokeStar Studios
    14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
    15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
    16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
    17. Castelia City
    18. Castelia City Sewers
    19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
    20. Castelia City Gym
    21. Route 4
    22. Desert Resort
    23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
    24. Join Avenue
    25. Nimbasa City
    26. Anville Town
    27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
    28. Route 5
    29. Route 16
    30. Lostlorn Forest
    31. New Nimbasa City Gym
    32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
    33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
    34. Driftveil City
    35. Route 6
    36. Chargestone Cave
    37. Driftveil City Gym
    38. PWT
    39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
    40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
    41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
    42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
    43. Mistralton Cave
    44. Mistralton City
    45. Route 7
    46. Celestial Tower
    47. Mistralton City Gym
    48. Lentimas Town
    49. Reversal Mountain
    50. Strange House
    51. Undella Town
    52. Undella Bay
    53. Route 14
    54. Abundant Shrine
    55. Route 13
    56. Lacunosa Town
    57. Route 12
    58. Village Bridge
    59. Route 11
    60. Opelucid City
    61. Route 9
    62. Shopping Mall Nine
    63. Opelucid City Gym
    64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
    65. Marine Tube
    66. Humilau City
    67. Humilau City Gym
    68. Route 22
    69. Route 21
    70. Seaside Cave
    71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
    72. Giant Chasm
    73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
    74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
    75. Route 23
    76. Victory Road
    77. Pokemon League
  4. Post-Game Walkthrough
    1. Back At Aspertia City
    2. Skyarrow Bridge
    3. Pinwheel Forest
    4. Nacrene City
    5. Route 3
    6. Wellspring Cave
    7. Striaton City
    8. Dreamyard
    9. Route 2
    10. Accumula Town
    11. Route 1
    12. Nuvema Town
    13. Route 17
    14. Route 18
    15. Route 17 Again
    16. P2 Laboratory
    17. Route 18 Again
    18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
    19. N's Castle
    20. Tubeline Bridge
    21. Route 8
    22. Moor of Icirrus
    23. Icirrus City
    24. Dragonspiral Tower
    25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
    26. Black City
    27. White Forest
    28. Route 15
    29. Marvelous Bridge
    30. Cave of Being
    31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
    32. Clay Tunnel
    33. Underground Ruins
    34. Twist Mountain
    35. Abyssal Ruins
  5. Other Areas
    1. Surf Required Areas
    2. Waterfall Required Areas
    3. Battle Subway
    4. Pokemon Musicals
    5. Big Stadium
    6. Small Court
    7. Pokemon World Tournament
  6. Appendices
    1. Legendary Pokemon
    2. Type Vs. Type Chart
    3. Medal List
    4. Move List
    5. Shop List
    6. Item List - General
    7. Item List - Medicine
    8. Item List - Berries
    9. Item List - TMs & HMs
    10. Item List - Key Items
  7. Version History
  8. Legal Notice
  9. Contact Me
  10. Credits
  11. Final Word

Once you're done, continue on into Lacunosa Town,

Lacunosa Town

Take the path north. You'll be stopped by Professor Juniper and Bianca. After the three of you talk for a bit, you'll be dragged over to a building with an old woman standing in front of it. She'll head inside and the three of you will follow. You'll talk some more then they'll rush back outside. Head outside, talk with them, answer a question (it doesn't matter what answer you give) and they'll eventually leave, heading south under a bridge. Follow after them.

You'll be stopped by a phone call. Once it ends continue down and enter the Pokemon Center. There's an interesting woman to talk to here. If you answer 'Yes' to her question and show her one of the badges you've earnt, she'll tell you what Pokemon your team consisted of when you won that badge. You can do this as much as you want. Heal your Pokemon and stock up on any items you might need, then leave the Center.

Head up onto the bridge to the right of the Center. Follow it around, past the vending Machine and over the road. There's a Full Heal hiding to the left of the building located at the corner before the path turns north. Grab it then continue on north. Follow the bridge around until you reach the Black Belt near the house at the end. Enter the house and grab the Metronome from inside. Head back to the Pokemon Center, then head down the path leading west.

You'll be stopped by Hugh. Zinzolin and a Team Plasma Grunt will suddenly show up! Zinzolin will say something to piss Hugh off and he'll begin raging. Select 'Yes' when asked and you'll team up with Hugh to take these guys down. It's a fight in the streets!

You'll team up with Hugh for this one. His party will be as follows, depending on what you chose as your starter:

[If Snivy was your starter]


[If Tepig was your starter]


[If Oshawott was your starter]


Team Plasma has the following party:

Double Battle: Team Plasma Zinzolin and Team Plasma Grunt
Zinzolin's Party
Grunt's Party

After they'll promptly leave and Hugh will chase after them. I'd suggest going back and healing your Pokemon, then follow after them too. You'll head straight into Route 12.

Route 12

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
CombeeBug/Flying20%35Tall Grass
RoseliaGrass/Poison25%35-37Tall Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass15%36-38Tall Grass
TranquillNormal/Flying25%36-38Tall Grass
CombeeBug/Flying20%39Dark Grass
RoseliaGrass/Poison25%39-41Dark Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass15%40-42Dark Grass
TranquillNormal/Flying25%40-42Dark Grass
AudinoNormal60%35-37Shaking Grass
DunsparceNormal10%36Shaking Grass
EmolgaElectric/Flying10%36Shaking Grass
LeavannyBug/Grass5%38Shaking Grass
RoseradeGrass/Poison5%38Shaking Grass
UnfezantNormal/Flying5%38Shaking Grass
VespiquenBug/Flying5%38Shaking Grass
HeracrossBug/Fighting15%36-38Tall Grass
HeracrossBug/Fighting15%40-42Dark Grass
PinsirBug15%36-38Tall Grass
PinsirBug15%40-42Dark Grass

There's only a few trainers here, so it won't take you too long to clear this Route. As soon as you enter the route, head north through the Tall Grass onto the hill. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and keep it on throughout this area. Use it to find the Rare Candy on the eastern part of the hills. Move north-east and grab the Timer Ball sitting between the Dark and Tall Grass. Head north-west and grab the Ultra Ball hidden in the Dark Grass.

Keep heading west, following the Dark Grass. You'll see a PP Up and Yellow Shard in the grass. Grab them, then continue west. When your Dowsing MCHN picks up a hidden item, use it to find the hidden Max Repel. Now head east and challenge the Black Belt running around in wide circles.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt Harumichi

Continue east past him and you'll reach a Battle Girl, who you should have seen earlier. Challenge her!

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Chinatsu

From there, head south until you reach the Tall Grass and follow it west. You'll notice an item in the grass. Go over and grab it to find that it's Green Shard. Follow the Tall Grass to the end, then move south down to the Backers. Feel free to partake in a double battle with them.

Double Battle: Backers Eri and Chika

You'll see a gap in the fence above the Backers. Head through it and head west. You'll find a Max Potion. Grab it. Head back to the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town and heal yourself if you want, then follow the path past the Backers and continue into the gate and on towards Village Bridge.

Village Bridge

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
GolduckWater35%36-38Tall Grass
MarillWater35%36-38Tall Grass
SeviperPoison15%37-39Tall Grass
ZangooseNormal15%37-39Tall Grass
GolduckWater35%40-42Dark Grass
MarillWater35%40-42Dark Grass
SeviperPoison15%41-43Dark Grass
ZangooseNormal15%41-43Dark Grass
AudinoNormal75%36-39Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%39Shaking Grass
DunsparceNormal10%37Shaking Grass
EmolgaElectric/Flying10%37Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%30-40Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%25-40Rippling Water
LaprasWater/Ice5%30-40Rippling Water
MarillWater60%25-40Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
CarvanhaWater/Dark60%40-60Fishing Spots
SharpedoWater/Dark10%50-70Fishing Spots

The first building you can enter on the north side of the bridge contains a woman who will heal your Pokemon for you whenever you ask. Feel free to take advantage of it. From here, you can either head straight over the bridge to the other side and head into Route 11 (you have to battle a Gentleman to cross the bridge though, the troll), or you can explore the area south of the bridge on the eastern bank. There's a fair bit to do!

It's assumed that you'll explore the entire area, so let's go! Head south from the foot of the bridge. Head through into the tennis court and challenge the Smashers doing suicides (Don't misinterpret what I'm saying! In Australia, suicides are another name for doing sprints between two marked lines). The first Smasher is on the eastern side of the court.

Trainer Battle: Smasher Elizabeth

The second Smasher is on the western half of the court.

Trainer Battle: Smasher Amy

Grab the Carbos to her north. Continue west past the courts and follow the path leading under the bridge. You'll find an Artist on the other side, willing to battle.

Trainer Battle: Artist Vincent

Continue north past him and you'll notice a secluded little path heading back east. Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and enter the path. Use the MCHN to find the Big Mushrooom. Continue past the clearly insane person over to the other side of the area to find a Rare Candy just lying around. Grab it then head back out, past the Artist and back under the bridge.

Use Surf and start move west across the river. Halfway you'll find a small island with a Fisherman on it. Head onto it. Grab the Heart Scale next to him, then challenge him.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Hisanao

You can Surf ahead to the other side, but for completion's sake, this walkthrough will take you back and over the bridge itself. Surf back to the western bank and head back to the foot of the bridge. Start heading up the bridge. Heal your Pokemon in the first house if you want. The other houses contain nothing of interest, so head towards the centre of the bridge. A Gentleman will stop you. He'll ask you a question. If you answer 'No', he won't let you by. If you answer 'Yes', he'll let you by, but not without a fight.

Trainer Battle: Gentleman Gojo

Continue over the centre of the bridge and begin heading down the stairs on the other side. Skip past the first house, but enter the second. If you talk to the Baker inside and answer 'Yes' to his question, the two of you will battle!

Trainer Battle: Baker Yoshie

Head back outside and head down off the bridge onto the western bank. Let's take the path north first and get the majority of the battles out of the road. Just before the basketball courts, you'll notice a musician next to a Vending Machine. Next to the machine is a bin containing a PP Up. Grab it, talk to the musician (simply because musicians are awesome!) then head into the courts.

There are two Hoopsters here and both are looking to partake in Triple Battles! The Hoopster running on the outside of the other Hoopster has the following party:

Triple Battle: Hoopster Biff

The Hoopster running on the inside of the two has the following party:

Triple Battle: Hoopster Mac

Once they're defeated, backtrack to the foot of the bridge. This time take the path south. When you reach the Tall Grass, turn on your Dowsing MCHN and find the hidden Max Ether nearby. Now head east through the Tall Grass. Battle the Youngster when you reach him.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Kazuma

Continue east and grab the Ultra Ball lying in the grass. Head through the gap in the fence and move over to the man near drum. Move north a little and you'll notice a doorway in the side of the bridge. Enter to find a girl singing. She'll notice you, become embarrassed and push you out. Continue north, underneath the bridge. At the very end of the path you'll find a Blue Shard. To your east is an island partway across the river. Surf there and grab the Big Pearl from amongst the Tall Grass. Surf back to the western bank and backtrack all the way to the foot of the bridge. You're done! Head through the gate to your west.

Route 11

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AmoongussGrass/Poison5%37Tall Grass
GligarGround/Flying15%37-39Tall Grass
GolduckWater20%36Tall Grass
MarillWater10%36Tall Grass
SeviperPoison10%38Tall Grass
ZangooseNormal10%38Tall Grass
AmoongussGrass/Poison5%41Dark Grass
GligarGround/Flying15%41-43Dark Grass
GolduckWater20%40Dark Grass
MarillWater10%40Dark Grass
SeviperPoison10%42Dark Grass
ZangooseNormal10%42Dark Grass
AudinoNormal80%36-39Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%39Shaking Grass
EmolgaElectric/Flying10%37Shaking Grass
GliscorGround/Flying5%39Shaking Grass
BasculinWater30%25-40Rippling Water
BuizelWater60%25-40Rippling Water
FloatzelWater10%30-40Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots
KarrablastBug5%36Tall Grass
ShelmetBug25%36-39Tall Grass
KarrablastBug5%40Dark Grass
ShelmetBug25%40-43Dark Grass
KarrablastBug25%36-39Tall Grass
ShelmetBug5%36Tall Grass
KarrablastBug25%40-43Dark Grass
ShelmetBug5%40Dark Grass

This is the last Route before Opelucid City and the 7th Gym. How exciting! Head west over the small bridge. A Pokemon Breeder will stop and battle you.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Ayano

Note: When you leave and re-enter this area, including when you enter and re-enter the trailer, the Pokemon Breeder will once again be willing to fight. Take note!

Head west and enter the trailer. The Pokemon Ranger inside will hand you some Favored Mail. Thank her then head back outside. Continue west and you'll be challenged by a Pokemon Ranger.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Yuta

Note: After defeating Yuta, he'll give you an Aspear Berry.

Without Waterfall you can't explore the rest of this route just yet, so keep moving west. When you reach the bridge, use Surf and start surfing on the water south of it. Jump onto the grass south of the fence to your west, then move along it to the end and you'll find a Full Heal. Backtrack and Surf back onto the bridge. When you move over the bridge, Virizion one of the Legendary Musketeers, like Cobalion, will jump down from a cliff to your north. Feel free to fight and even try to catch this Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon Battle

Once you're done, continue past. You'll see one last patch of Tall Grass to your north before the gate. Enter it and move to the north-west corner where there's a tile that doesn't contain Tall Grass, but instead contains a hidden Max Potion. Grab it, backtrack to the path and enter the gate to your west. Move through it into [[Opelucid City!

Route 11 - Waterfall Required

Once you've obtained Waterfall, you can return here to do a little more exploring. Enter Route 11 by its western entrance, from Opelucid City. Head east until you reach the bridge enabling people to cross the stream. Use Surf to hop onto the water north of the bridge. Move over to the waterfall and use Waterfall to head up it.

Once you're at the top, move onto the land to the west first. Move west until you find an item obscured between two trees. Move over to this item and pick it up to find that it's some Zinc! Loverly! Now move back to the water and Surf to the land east of the top of the waterfall. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find the HP Up hidden here. Now move back onto the water once more, head back down the waterfall and move back onto the bridge.

This time, head onto the water south of the bridge and Surf along the stream, taking you east. When you reach the waterfall at the end, drop down it to the water below. Move onto the land to your east. There's an Amoonguss here posing as an item. Interact with it if you wish to battle it.

Wild Pokemon Battle

Once you're done, head north-west, then head north under the bridge. Once you're on the other side, move up to the Pokemon Ranger here and take her on!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Yurika

Note: After defeating Yurika, she'll give you an Aspear Berry.

The supposed item to the left is simply another Amoonguss.

Wild Pokemon Battle

The supposed item to the right is an actual item, believe it or not. Pick it up to find that it's a Razor Fang. How cool! Once you've got it, you're now done! That's the last of the main game Waterfall Required Areas! Hoorah!

Opelucid City

Head west out of the gate and you'll see Iris. She'll stop and chat, then abruptly leave. Continue west and enter the Pokemon Center. Heal your Pokemon, stock up on items, then leave. Exploration time! *Dances*

Note that Route 9, found through the gate leading west out of the City is an optional area. Free to head out, explore it and train there if you want. If you do, skip ahead to it then come back to this section to continue on.

Take the path north to the left of the Center. Enter the building at the end of the path. Head up the stairs to the second floor of the building. Talk to the guy sitting at the north end of the table to receive a Float Stone. Talk to the girl sitting at the south end of the table and answer 'Yes' to her question. You'll be given a Ring Target. Now exit the building. Head back to the main street and continue west. When you reach the next street leading north, follow it.

When you reach the first building that can be entered on the left side of the street. Enter it. Talk to the man on the bottom floor and he'll give you a Gift Box. If you check back here once a day over the next three days, you'll receive a Fluffy Beard, then a Big Bag and finally a Scarlet Hat. Head back outside and continue following the street north.

At the end of the street, before it turns east, you'll find the Opelucid City Gym. You can enter this immediately, but before we do, let's check the building to its right. The woman on the first floor will give you a Smoke Ball. Exit the building. When you're ready, enter the Gym!

Route 9

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
GarbodorPoison15%38-40Tall Grass
LiepardDark10%40Tall Grass
MinccinoNormal30%37-39Tall Grass
MukPoison5%40Tall Grass
PawniardDark/Steel15%38-40Tall Grass
GarbodorPoison15%42-44Dark Grass
LiepardDark10%44Dark Grass
MinccinoNormal30%41-43Dark Grass
MukPoison5%44Dark Grass
PawniardDark/Steel15%42-44Dark Grass
AudinoNormal80%31-34Shaking Grass
CinccinoNormal5%34Shaking Grass
EmolgaElectric/Flying10%32Shaking Grass
GothoritaPsychic25%37-39Tall Grass
GothoritaPsychic25%41-43Dark Grass
GothitelleNormal5%40Shaking Grass
DuosionPsychic25%37-39Tall Grass
DuosionPsychic25%41-43Dark Grass
ReuniclusNormal5%40Shaking Grass

Note: Don't want to explore Route 9 at the moment? Feel free to skip ahead to the Opelucid City Gym. If you do want to explore this place, read on!

Head into the gap in the southern fence and move south through the Tall Grass. In the south-east corner of the area is a Elixir. Collect it and head west through the Tall Grass. Continue until you reach the Dark Grass. Move south-west and fight the Roughneck.

Trainer Battle: Roughneck Ryuji

Continue west around the trees past the Roughneck. You'll find a Nugget there. Head back to where the Roughneck is. Head south past the steps and move east toward the end of a little path shooting off from the main one. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and it'll show a reading nearby. Use it to find the location of the Dark Gem. Now head back and go down the stairs. Grab the Iron and backtrack to the very start of the Route. Head west down the path and you'll reach a Biker moving up and down across the road. Feel free to take him on.

Trainer Battle: Biker Kyoji

Now move north-east and take on the Roughneck by the Vending Machines.

Trainer Battle: Roughneck Eikichi

Continue west. Feel free to enter Shopping Mall Nine when you reach it (it's the big building). Once you're ready to, move back onto the path and follow it west. You'll find a Quick Ball which you can grab. There's also a Biker here, looking for an opponent.

Trainer Battle: Biker Phillip

Further ahead, just before the end of the route is a pair of Hooligans.

Trainer Battle: Hooligans Jim and Sabu

Grab the HP Up near the Hooligans, then head west into the building. You won't be able to continue through onto the Tubeline Bridge until you've beaten the Elite Four. If you haven't yet challenged the Opelucid City Gym yet, I'd suggest doing so now.

Shopping Mall Nine

So, this is the main department store of the Unova region and where you can go for a wide variety of items! Additionally, there are a couple of trainers looking to battle (battles in a department store, how bogan!). Let's get exploring!

To the west of the front counter on the lowest floor is a woman. Speak with her and answer 'Yes' to receive $1200! Hell yes! Now, speak with her again and answer 'Yes' once more to receive an Energy Root. Yay! To her north, standing in front of the western set of stairs is the first trainer battle here. Moving into her line-of-sight doesn't trigger a battle, luckily, only if you talk to her. When you do, the battle will start!

Trainer Battle: Waitress Madoka

Head to the east side of the bottom area and you'll see a door on the back wall head through. Inside you'll find the storage area with an item in the north-east corner. Grab it to find that it's a Poke Doll. Once you have it, head back out. From there, head up the main, central set of stairs to the very top floor. There's a Waiter here. Same thing as before, if you speak with him, a battle will begin.

Trainer Battle: Waiter Etsuya

Besides the shops themselves, there's not actually anything else to do here. I'll list all shops by location below. Note that there are Vending Machines on the eastern side of the top floor.

Bottom Floor Western Clerk
Super Potion$700
Hyper Potion$1200
Max Potion$2500
Parlyz Heal$200
Burn Heal$250
Ice Heal$250
Full Heal$600
Escape Rope$550
Poke Toy$1000
Super Repel$500
Max Repel$700
Middle Floor Western Clerk
Poke Ball$200
Great Ball$600
Ultra Ball$1200
Heal Ball$300
Net Ball$1000
Nest Ball$1000
Dusk Ball$1000
Quick Ball$1000
Timer Ball$1000
Greet Mail$50
Favored Mail$50
RSVP Mail$50
Thanks Mail$50
Inquiry Mail$50
Like Mail$50
Reply Mail$50
Middle Floor Eastern Clerk
TM15 - Hyper Beam$90000
TM68 - Giga Impact$90000
Top Floor Left Clerk
HP Up$9800
Top Floor Right Clerk
X Speed$350
X Attack$500
X Defend$550
Guard Spec.$700
Dire Hit$650
X Accuracy$950
X Special$350
X Sp. Def$350

Once you're done here, feel free to head back to Route 9.

Gym Information

Type: Dragon

Leader: Drayden

Recommended Team:

  • Ice-types, if you have them
  • Steel-types
  • Not Grass-, Fire-, Water- or Electric-types unless they have strong moves that aren't of these types

Unlike in Pokemon Black & White where Drayden was the Gym Leader in Black and Iris was the Leader in White, you are up against Drayden no matter which version you play. Move forward and speak with Clyde, who will give you your honorary Fresh Water. He'll explain how the Gym works and will give you a tip or two.

The dragon at the bottom of the Gym will act as an elevator, allowing you to control it to move up and down levels, as well as side to side. By winning a battle on a particular level, you're allowed to move to the next level, meaning that you only have to defeat one of the two on a particular level, if there are two on that level. This continues until you reach the top of the opposing dragon, where Drayden resides.

To actually move the dragon, you must stand on its head. When you do a number of panels with arrows on them light up. Standing on a panel that's lit will move you in the corresponding direction. Use this to navigate the Gym.

The Gym Members are as follows:

[At the bottom level]

Gym Member Battle: Veteran Ryusei

[At the second level, western paw]

Gym Member Battle: Veteran Tatsumi

[At the second level, eastern paw]

Gym Member Battle: Veteran Tatsuro

[At the third level, western paw]

Gym Member Rotation Battle: Veteran Drake

[At the third level, eastern paw]

Gym Member Triple Battle: Veteran Long

[At the fourth level]

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Drayden
PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
Druddigon46DragonSlashCrunchRevengeDragon Tail
Flygon46Ground/DragonCrunchRock SlideEarth PowerDragon Tail
Haxorus48DragonAssuranceSlashDragon DanceDragon Tail

Okay, so most types are okay here! Only Ice- and Steel-types actually receive some form of advantage against Dragon-types (although they need to watch out for Fighting-, Rock- and Ground-type moves). Unforunately, this battle is a major pain in the ass, especially against Flygon where it can be difficult to find a good type to use against it. All three of Drayden's Pokemon have Dragon Tail a move that strikes last but will switch your current Pokemon with another one in the party, chosen at random. They don't tend to use it too often, but when they do, it can be a real pain, especially against Flygon where you could be forced to send out a Pokemon susceptible to its Rock- or Ground-type moves.

First up is Druddigon, easily the easiest of Drayden's three Pokemon, but still not a push over. It's best to use a type neutral to Dragon-types, unless you think your Ice- or Steel-type can hack the damage from Revenge. You really just need to outperform this Pokemon with brute strength. Druddigon would also be the best Pokemon to force Drayden to use his Hyper Potion on so try and get its health low enough with out defeating it so that he'll use the item. Continue until the Druddigon's out.

Okay, so Flygon's next. This thing's extremely annoying. The combination of Earth Power and Rock Slide rules out a large number of types that you could have otherwise used. Grass-types are your best bet here, by far. Personally, I just used my weaker Pokemon as fodder to Revive and heal my stronger Pokemon for Flygon. You really just need to keep at it and use status ailments and Battle Items extremely well! If you can't manage against Flygon, you may need to come back and take Drayden later after you're a little stronger.

Last up we have Haxorus, which isn't quite as hard as Flygon, but can do a lot of damage if you don't defeat it quickly. If you allow it to use Dragon Dance a few times, it will become much more powerful very quickly, so you need to take it out before. Luckily, using Ice- and Steel-type moves here have absolutely no drawbacks, so make good use of that! Haxorus has a Sitrus Berry, so it'll automatically heal itself when its HP is low. Again, this is a mindless battle of power, but feel free to try to put it to sleep to stop it using Dragon Dance or something similar. Continue until the last of Drayden's Pokemon are defeated.

As always, Hyper Potions and Revives will be the way to go if you find yourself in trouble.

After winning you'll be presented with the Legend Badge. All traded Pokemon up to the level of 80 will now obey you and you'll be given TM82 - Dragon Tail. Drayden will then say a few last words and will allow you to leave. Do so. Once you head back outside Drayden will appear at the door and stop you (Gym Leaders should really learn to say everything before you leave, sheesh). He'll say something and head south.

Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!

Head back to the Pokemon Center and heal yourself. Head back outside. You'll see Drayden on the path to your left heading north. Go and talk to him and he'll head up the path, to his house. Move up to it and he'll head inside. Go inside and talk with him. The ground will shake slightly after speaking with him for a while. Wondering what's happened, the two of you will head outside. The Team Plasma frigate is flying over the city. A cannon will appear from it and start firing out projectiles that will freeze the city. Soon the entire city will be frozen solid. Drayden will release one of his Pokemon, but will flee back inside his PokeBall. Dragon-types, unfortunately, are afraid of Ice.

Zinzolin, along with two Team Plasma Grunts will appear, speak with the two of you and leave again. Drayden will chase after them and you should too! Head south and you'll notice that there's ice over the path. You can slide along it. Whenever you do, you slide as far as you can in the direction you moved before you hit an obstacle and stop. You'll then be able to slide in a different direction. Slide south off the ice onto the ground near the Pokemon Center. There's a few Team Plasma Grunts that you can battle, but the two in front of the Pokemon Center and the one to the south-east near the Vending Machines aren't any of them. The one to the north-east is one of them though! Move over to him and challenge him.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

From there, slide across the ice north. You should land on a small patch of non-icy ground. Slide north again to the next patch then move up to the north tip of the patch and slide west. You'll slide onto some non-icy ground with a female Team Plasma Grunt on it. Talk to her to break into battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Now slide west until you're in front of the Gym. Move through the gap between the ice crystal and the building on the east side of the path leading south and slide south. You'll slide past the last Grunt. Move onto the west side of the non-icy patch you're on at the moment and slide north onto the non-icy patch with the final Grunt on it. Challenge him.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Once all three Grunts have been taken down, head north back to the Opelucid City Gym. As a warning, you might want to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon first. When you reach the Gym you'll notice Zinzolin standing in front of it. Talk to him and the battle will begin.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Zinzolin

After Zinzolin's defeated, he'll speak a few words then disappear. Drayden will appear at the entrance to his Gym and speak with you. He'll then head inside, promptly reappearing, excited. He'll hand you a valuable key item. A member of the Shadow Triad, a sub-faction of Team Plasma, will then appear. The three of you will speak before two more Shadow Triad members appear, then all three will disappear with the key item Drayden just gave you! Alarmed, Drayden will once again run off. Follow after him. He'll have stopped partway back to the Pokemon Center, confused as to where they went. Continue back to the Pokemon Center, heal your Pokemon then head east towards the gate back to Route 11. Just before the gate a member of the Shadow Triad is waiting. Move up to him and begin the battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Drayden will catch up once the battle ends, but the Shadow Triad member will teleport away just as he does. You'll receive a call and talk with Hugh and Cheren before Cheren will appear in person and rush over. You'll talk and Cheren will run off again. After talking with Drayden a little longer, you'll be free to go. Fly back to Undella Town. Heal your Pokemon here, then head west over to the Marine Tube entrance. Just before you reach it, you'll receive a call from Hugh. Speak with him then enter the Tube.

Marine Tube

The crazy man will finally let you through! Good thing he stops being crazy during a crisis. Follow along the tube and head through the door to enter the actual Marine Tube. It's a pretty sight. Head down the tube. Feel free to talk to people along the way, but none of their conversations are important. Continue until you reach the end and head through the doorway. Move through to the end of the gate. Talk to the Parasol Lady here and she'll give you TM42 - Facade. Collect it and exit the gate.

Humilau City

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
BasculinWater5%35-45Rippling Water
CorsolaWater/Rock30%35-45Rippling Water
JellicentWater/Ghost60%35-45Rippling Water
StarmieWater/Psychic5%35-45Rippling Water
LuvdiscWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
ShellderWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
CloysterWater/Ice5%50-70Fishing Spots

It's the city of the 8th Gym Leader and the final city before the Pokemon League. Erhmahgerd! Once you've left the tube, move north and talk with Hugh. Let's get to exploring! Head west first, down onto the beach below. The Pokemon Center's here. Feel free to heal your Pokemon here and stock up on items. Exit then head back towards the Marine Tube entrance and head north.

The large glass building is the Humilau City Gym, but you can't challenge Marlon, the Gym Leader just yet. Instead continue east, then head north along the path. Head over the bridge and try and enter the first house that you see. A man will jump out of the water and discreetly tell you to come to the Gym. How odd. Anyway, that was Marlon. If you want to, skip straight to the Humilau City Gym section. If not, let's continue exploring!

Enter the house here. The bald man inside is the third Move Tutor! His 'wares' are as follows:

MoveYellow Shards
Heal Bell4
Knock Off4
Sky Attack8
Role Play8
Heat Wave10
Giga Drain10
Drain Punch10
Pain Split10

Once you're done, head back outside. Head west, down the walkway ramp into the shallows. Use Surf on the water to the south. Head onto the beach to the south, then follow the beach west. Head up the stairs and grab the Shell Bell behind the Gym. Surf back to the shallows.

Continue west and move up the ramp there. Follow the walkway west and talk to the bald man. Something will happen. Now move back and enter the house nearby to the east. Check the bin on the east side of the house and you'll find a Full Restore inside. You can show your Pokemon to the bald man here, but why you would be is unknown. Leave the house and head down the ramp back down into the shallows to your east. Now move under the walkway north. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the nearby Heart Scale on the same tile that a walkway is on (It's on one of the corner pillars of the walkway. Once you have it, continue north-east under yet another walkway. To your east you will see an item near the edge of the shallows. Go and grab it to find that it's a Heart Scale. Head back under the last walkway then head west under the one there. Move up onto the walkway here.

Follow the walkway north-east and you'll find a Protein at the end. Head south-west back to the ramp. If you want, you can head west down onto the sand there and you'll be in Route 22. You can explore this Route if you want, otherwise head to the Gym and enter! It's time to take Marlon on!!

Gym Information

Type: Water

Leader: Marlon

Recommended Team:

  • Grass- and Electric-types!
  • Not Fire-, Ground- or Rock-types
  • Not Flying-, Ice-, Bug-types (Because of Marlon's Pokemon's Rock-types moves)
  • Not Steel-types unless they have strong moves of recommended types
  • Any other Pokemon are fine

Move in and talk to Clyde for your Fresh Water. He'll give you tips and information. In this Gym, you use lilypads for transport by jumping down onto them from walkways. They will float to another walkway which you'll be able to jump to. It's all pretty simplistic, but fun.

Move onto the first walkway and take the path west. Jump onto the first lilypad and ride it west. Jump off onto the next walkway. Move north and take on the Ace Trainer.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Ushio

Jump onto the lilypad to the right and ride it east. You'll stop halfway along. Jump onto the walkway to the north. If you want to head back to the beginning of the Gym, simply jump back on it and ride it south back to the first walkway. If not, move north and ride the next pad east. You'll stop halfway again. Jump off and challenge the female Ace Trainer here. If you time it right, you'll be able to jump on and back off the walkway before she'll even see you, but battling is fun, so let's do it!

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Minamo

Once defeated, jump back onto the lilypad and ride it south. Move onto the walkway here, then move east. If you want to skip back to the start of the Gym, to heal your Pokemon or something, you can head over the lilypad taking you south. If not, head north and use that lilypad to reach the next walkway. Follow this walkway along, over the bridge and around to the lilypad near the end of it.

You have a choice here, you can either take the lilypad east and skip one of the Ace Trainers, or take it south, jump off it then take it east and take on the trainer first. It's assumed that you'll do this, but feel free to skip ahead.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Shibuki

Assuming that you battled the Ace Trainer, jump onto the lilypad to the south, then jump off onto the walkway to the south. Move east back over the bridge and continue until the walkway starts heading south. There'll now be a lilypad allowing you to head north. Do so. Now head north until you reach the female Ace Trainer pacing up and down the walkway looking around.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Jeanne

Take the lilypad just south-west of the Ace Trainer west. Move west onto the next walkway. Take the lilypad to your north, north. Move onto the walkway to your east with the female Ace Trainer on it.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Nagisa

Take the next Lilypad south. Jump onto the walkway to your east and take on the male Ace Trainer here.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Enzo

Jump back onto the lilypad and ride it west. Now jump on it from the south and ride it north. Finally, jump on it from the west and ride it east. Jump off onto the walkway to the north. Head north and you'll be standing before Marlon. If you want, you can take the lilypad back south and you'll be back at the beginning of the Gym. You can then head to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and restock items, if you need to of course. Head back to Marlon using the same lilypad that you used to get back to the start of the Gym and, when you're ready, talk to him to begin the battle.

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Marlon
PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
Carracosta49Water/RockCrunchSmack DownShell SmashScald
Jellicent51Water/GhostRecoverOminous WindBrineScald

Electric- and Grass-types all the way, here! Grass is especially good against Carracosta and will finish him off quickly. Steer clear of Fire-, Ground- and Rock-types for obvious reasons. Also steer clear of Flying-, Ice- and Bug-types due to Carracosta's Smack Down and Wailord's Rollout which are both Rock-type moves and will completely own them.

Additionally, no Psychic- or Ghost-types against Carracosta or Jellicent and no Fighting-types against Wailord. They all have moves that are strong agianst Pokemon of those types. Other than that, battle hard! I didn't personally find this battle nearly as hard as the one against Drayden, so you shouldn't have too much trouble here.

First up we have Carracosta. Thankfully this Pokemon's not too difficult. Watch out for its crazy Shell Smash move, which lowers Defense and Special Defense, but greatly raises Attack, Special Attack and Speed, which can turn it into a killing machine. If it uses it, go all and make use of its lowered Defense and Special Defense to defeat it quickly. You should have it down without too much of a problem.

Next up will be Wailord. Rollout. F***ing Rollout. That says it all. Obviously, you want to defeat Wailord extremely quickly, before Rollout builds up. If you fail to do so, ride the wave of Rollouts out (double pun!) with Hyper Potions and Revives, then try and wittle the rest of its health down. Abuse type match-ups to hopefully make it a quick win.

Jellicent, the last of Marlon's Pokemon, has a Sitrus Berry. It's actually surprisingly weak, but you need to watch out for its Scald move. Using a Grass-type here is definitely the way to go as Water-type moves (such as Scald) will be weak against them and will allow them to quickly defeat Jellicent.

The first time one of Marlon's Pokemon become low on HP, he'll use his one and only Hyper Potion try and make sure this is against Carracosta, but if not, then Jellicent. If you really need to (which you shouldn't too much), make good use of healing and Revive items, as well as status ailments. You know, the usual deal.

Once Marlon's down, you'll receive the final baddge, the Wave Badge! How awesome! Celebrate! Dance! Once you're all sweaty and tired from dancing, come back to the game and hear what else Marlon has to say. He'll mention that all Pokemon, no matter their level, will obey you completely now. Additionally, you'll receive TM55 - Scald! Finish talking and Marlon will spontaneously dive off the platform and swim out to see. How odd.

Head back to the entrance to the Gym and exit. Outside, Hugh will immediately stop you and urgently speak with you. Marlon will appear from the south. The south?! But he was swimming north just a little while ago! My brain hurts. The three of you will talk and you'll be asked a question by Marlon. Feel free to respond however you wish and he'll leave. Continue speaking with Hugh, who will mention Route 22. Well, it will be to there that we head! We need to get a Key Item, so that we can explore Route 21 and then the Seaside Cave.

Once your Pokemon are healed, head onto Route 22! It can be confusing getting there, so I'll direct you. Head north-east from the Pokemon Center, past the Gym and head over the bridge to your north. When you reach the path leading west, take it and move down the ramp to the shallows below. Move north-west under the walkway then continue north. Move west under the next one and head up the ramp. Continue west down the ramp onto the beach. You're in Route 22!