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How do i save a file i just wrote into petit computor, and also, how do i open a sprite file i made onto my computor?

I just started to write a program, and petite computer is cool, but i have no clue how to save my programs.


SamKitsune answered:

Very easy to do. In Run mode, type SAVE"name of file". You have a maximum of 8 characters to name your file. Once you have, there will be a screen prompting you to save. Just confirm it and you save a program.

As for the sprite, I assume that you use CHRED to create your sprite. Did you save it in there? If you didn't, push the "folder" button, type "S" and "Enter", and type the name of the file you want to name (8 characters max) and "Enter". After you did, exit the program. Then go back the main menu of Petit Computer, select "File Management", "Save to SD Memory Card". select the "CHR" button on the bottom of the screen, and they select the CHR file that you save and "Confirm".

You will have to use PTC Editor on your PC to open your CHR file to your PC.

Open the PTC file of the CHR that you save in your SD card with that program. If you can't find the file, it should be in this directory of the SD card. "private">>"ds">>"app">>"4B4E4145".

I hope it helps you.
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