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How do I get past the third stage of the Battle of Pelennor?

I can't seem to get past the third stage within the Battle of Pelennor level. The level starts on the wall at Minias Tirith with Gandalf & Pippin, then moves to the battlefield with Aragorn, Legolas, & Gimli. After getting past the two elephants, the games moves to a third stage. After killing all the orcs, the way is blocked by an overturned seige tower. There is also a pile of rocks to the left that seem as if they should be breakable but are not. I can see more orcs on the other side of the tower but cannot break it or jump over it. I've tried everything I can think of. Please help.

Trinity621 provided additional details:

Ok, then that confirms that there is something wrong with my game. All orcs are dead & no "Black Stone". Thanks for your help.

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YokaiHunter answered:

Killing all the orcs should have made a "Black Stone" (the dark grey altars with bones and green stuff on them) for Aragorn to use. Have Aragon go up to it, press A, and then Down. That should summon the green ghost light to destroy the rocks. The broken rocks should reveal pieces that you can build into a ladder that will take you up on to the cliff and from there you can fight the other orcs and Gothmog, i think. Then another Black Stone in the upper left appears which you can use to kill the last blocking Elephant. Then, lastly you can fight the Witch-King of Angmar as Merry and Eowyn (Dernhelm).
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