Question from slewis58

How do I get past shelob spider in the lair?

I have used the Phial of Galatriel to blind her it is not working?

Accepted Answer

YokaiHunter answered:

You don't hurt her by attacking with your sword but I think you have to attack her to make her vulnerable to the Phial. Keep attacking her eyes by pressing forward (net sure if that actually helps) and Y attack. Then when she cowers away protecting her eye, the hint pops up to use the Phial. Press (do not hold) A once as quickly as you can. She will rear up on her back legs. Quickly use this chance to run in and attack her belly multiple times. It will take 3 or 4 times of doing that to defeat her. Then, once you have taken away her heart, push her back to her cave simply by walking forward.
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